Friday, March 26, 2021

Essential Things to Pack in Your Carry On Bag


travel accessories

Due to lack of time, the rush is sometimes too much to travel. Swelling under the eyes due to less or more sleep. Changes are also seen in the skin of many. This year there are restrictions and warnings on traveling. Even then, many people are coming out with courage. If you keep some things with you during the trip, you will get help from time to time.

The three most important things at this time are masks, sanitizers and disinfectant sprays. If possible, keep a shield and gloves on your face. You will always feel safe if these things are within your reach. Put the necessary medicines and first aid items in a small bag separately and a little on top. No need to search the whole bag when needed.

No matter if the trip is for a few days, keep some cosmetics with you. Small bottle of shampoo and conditioner, clip, rubber band, safety pin, 50 SPF sunscreen cream, sunglasses, kajal, flat brush, lipstick, blush, concealer, compact powder, lip liner and mascara. Keep facewash and wipes to clean the skin. Also keep an umbrella.

Keep a small box of needles and buttons. Also keep the whole set of nail cutters in the bag. Just as you can cut nails when you break them, you can also remove unwanted hair on your eyes with a tweezers in a nail clipper box. After washing the hair, comb it a few times with a brush. Then the hair will not be disobedient.

Excessive movement often puts pressure on the skin. It is also published. Apply concealer one shade darker than the skin under the eyes. This will reduce the swelling. Then apply a light shade of concealer. If you put compact powder on it, it will look fresh.

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