Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Musei Vaticani Roma | Vatican museum | Rome-museum

Vatican Museum, Rome-museum

This museum was originally built for Catholic Christians; huge famous as Catholic touristhotspots. But it is open to every tourist and anyone can enjoy this travel sight. This museum is located in Vatican City what the smallest country in the world is. Whoever entered this museum said to other visitors that no one should come here and miss the Sistine Chapel and the Raffles museum! They must enjoy these tourist attractions.

In fact, this Vatican museum is about 22 types of different collections what are the obvious tourist attractions. Among these, there are almost all Egyptian paintings from different ancient civilizations those attracts tourists most. 

This museum also does not contain the history of a particular ethnic group, but it is a glorious historical monument of society and culture that forces visitors to these places to visit again to enrich their knowledge about history.

Various maps and many modern religious images are also in the archipelago; these are other tourist attractions. This museum with the Vatican collection of Roman Catholic Church is about 9 miles long; these are tourist hotspots. More than 40 million visitors comes these places to visit; a collection of historical proof; every year. 

The museum also has paintings of famous painters like Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael and Michael Angelo. The Vatican Museum was founded in 1506 in Vatican City. Now Vatican Museum is one of top attractions in the world.

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