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Louvre Museum Information, France

Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum, France

The Louvre Museum will be on top of the list of all the famous museums in the world to visit to historical place. At one time, Louvre was used as the palace of France. But now this museum has been given a new looking by putting glass pyramids in front of them and became one of famous historical places. The Paris Louvre Museum, which has the most wonderful and precious paintings and sculptures in the world that is common in the list of tourist attractions. Located on the bank of the River Seine, this huge structure is standing today as a great hold of a great time that pointed as a wonderful travel sights. The city of Paris has been developed by the banks of the river Seine, tourists love to see this travel sights also.

The one of main tourist attractions is Louvre has been built on the banks of the river in the north-south direction that is a part of travel sight. It was first built in 1200AD, used as the French emperor Phillip II’s royal palace. It takes a total of 200 years time to complete the entire construction. Louvre is a huge assortment of different buildings; those are main of tourist attractions.  

In 1546, the construction of its western building began with the command of emperor First Francis. Initially it was kept only for displaying various royal items as tourist attractions. The complete construction of this museum is completed in the reign of emperor Third Napoleon. There are world-renowned art and sculptural here those are lovely tourist hotspots to visit.

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