Thursday, January 11, 2018

British Museum (London) - All You Need to Know Before You Go

British Museum, historicalspot
British Museum

British Museum, United Kingdom

The British Museum has preserved many historical events in history. British Museum of 75 thousand square mile has 8 million historic objects that are the major tourist attractions. 

Every year 5.93 million tourists comes these places to visit. British Museum’s current manager Neil McGregor This famous museum in London is a unique feature of human civilization and history.

The entire history of the world is hidden in that list of collections. Because of these collections it reached in one of top attractions in the world. British Museum is one of the ancient museums. 

British Museum, historicalspot

The museum was established in 1753. British Museum is one of the finest museums of today to tourists, with a huge collection of paintings collected from various places in the world. 

The museum is based on the material collected by the physicist Sir Hans Helen. He gave more than 71 thousand objects to the museum.

Now the collection of the entire museum has exceeded 80 million. But only 4 million of them are open to the tourists. 

Every year, six million visitors visit this museum who already knows that this is one of top attractions in the world. There are also large parts of the Egyptian civilization. In a word, you will be lost on the history page.

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