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Sonadia Island (Cox’s Bazar) | Islands of bangladesh

Sonadia Island, sea beach image
Sonadia Island

Sonadia Island (Cox’s Bazar), Islands of bangladesh

Another beautiful island of Bangladesh is Sonadia Island, located in Hoanek Union, Maheshkhali, has an area of 9 sq km. The island is located 7 km away from the city of Cox's Bazar. Its natural beauty and attractions make the people wonder about. It is the country's main dry fish production center as well as top attractions in Bangladesh.

Mangrove forests and coastal forests, dark blue waters, sea beaches, red crab, all kinds of marine birds attract tourists in the sea to enjoy. It is basically known as “Paradwip”.

It is better to go to tourist spot Sonadia directly from Cox's Bazar but to stay in Maheshkhali. Go to Maheshkhali's Ghatibhanga. Distance from Gorakhghata to Ghatibhanga of Maheshkhali is 24 km. Tourist spot Sonadia crossed the Sonadia Channel after breaking the ghatabhanga. There have not too much water during the fall.

There are two ways to go to travel sight Sonadia. By walking or by boat during the tide. During the tide every day, only one trawler left from West Sonadia to Ghatibhanga. The trawler took the passengers in a while and then returned.
As far as the way to Sonadia goes, the whole thing is as beautiful as the picture of your own painting. 

Sonadia Island, sea beach image

There are some scenes of life and sea beach image of life; which are laid in the frame of life. This is exactly the sea beach image. Always glow in the eye; the canals here are transparent, crystal clear as glass which will help you to make difference between sea beach image and urban life.

There are no people here on this island of Bangladesh. But occasionally salt farmers were seen sporadically. Sonadia is an island of the sandal of all islands of Bangladesh. When you walk, the feet are sinking in the sand. There are few people settled here. Most of them are fishermen. 

Fishing is their main occupation. There are no markets, but there are two small shops. Here you will get snacks food only; you can take advantage of tasting the tea.

The west end of the island is quite open. Here is the last settlement. It is filled with green grass that turns this place into top tourist attractions in Bangladesh. There are solitude and pure air. The charm of the island is waiting for you to wear on each ward. A wonderful beach is waiting for you here. Unconditional soft drinks cannot be expected in Cox's Bazar or St. Martin

It seems as if someone came to an unknown island. Spreading red crabs across the beach that will take you to the imaginary world as well as to the top attractions in Bangladesh. It seems as if watching a movie scene. Watermelon is often seen on the island of sand.

Here there is a marine tortoise hatchery. You can see that. Turtle eggs are collected and kept here. Then the eggs are released into the sea by raising eggs. This is a non-government organization.

How to go

You can go from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar directly. Here you can use speedboat or trawaler from Cox's Bazar Kasturi Ghat to go Maheshkhali.. You must go from Maheshkhali Gorakhghata to Ghatibhanga baby-taxi. From there you will go to Sonadia by trawler.

Where to stay

There is no hotel or bungalow in Sonadia. You have to stay with the locals if you want.
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