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Shitakundu Beach, Cox's Bazar | Tourist places

Shitakundu Beach,sea beach image
Shitakundu Beach

Shitakundu Beach, Cox's Bazar, Tourist places

The Creator has made Shitakundu beautifully in its natural form. Before the Shitakundu, the rows of mountains and the vast ocean in the west, it is very similar travel sight in nature. 

This coastal area has made Shitakundu known as the Lilabhumi of the travel sight Sundarbans to all. Coastal areas are located in Bhatiari, Fouzdarhat, Kumira, Bansbariya, Barabakunda, Guliyakhali, Syedpur and other areas of Shitakundu upazila

Large areas of this coastal area are protected by coastal embankments and there is a large portion of the dam, including the Manggrov forest, which is part of the seashore as well as top attractions in the world.

Shitakundu Beach, sea beach image

Various types of plants, animals, and birds are seen here; these make this place into top attractions in Bangladesh. People of this area collect fish from the sea and collect various types of fruits from the hills, collect honey and cultivate and sell fish, fruits, crops, and honey in the local market.

There are many ways to go to tourism center Sandwip and Hatia like launch, speedboat, fishing trawlers.

You will be able to travel to these coastal tourist hotspots along various routes. To travel to a specific coastal tourist spot, you can reach your destination along the coastal village path. 

Shitakundu Beach, sea beach image

You can explore the life of people of this area by coming to these places to visit, enjoy the natural beauty, the mangrove forest and the life of the fishermen. You can enjoy fishing scenes from the fishermen and the beautiful sunset scenes from here.

How to go to Shitakundu Beach

To visit the tourism center Shitakundu beach; buses from Chittagong city, Maxi, Taxi 40 km Shitakundu Upazila in the north. From Shitakundu, rickshaw or taxis or CNG will be taken by Faujdarhat, Bhatiari, Kumira, or Saidpur which will be your favorite tourist spot.
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