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Saint Martin Island West Beach (Saint Martin’s dwip) | Tourist places | Islands of Bangladesh

Saint Martin Island of Bangladesh
Saint Martin Island 

Saint Martin Island West Beach (Saint Martin’s dwip), Tourist places, Islands of Bangladesh

The country's only coral reefs of St. Martin have been formed by mixing numerous coral ribs in the Bay of Bengal in the southern tourist part of Bangladesh. The island's sunshine water and coconut trees gave the tourism center Saint Martin island its beauty. Nice, wonderful, unexpected beautiful, unbearably beautiful. A beautiful night of St. Martin is better than thousands of beautiful night. Here the time goes but beauty thirst does not satisfy thirst.

Numerous coconut trees, Kea gulms and green forests gave the tourism center Saint Martin island a different level. It will seem like coconut gardens around the whole island. If you want you can fill the thirst with the coconut water. There are thousands of local people living here. Most of them are Muslims. 

They are very religious and simple people of nature. So there is no possibility of the hijacking or any kind of theft. You can bathe with full moon till the deep night, without any hesitation on this most tourist attraction in Bangladesh.

Saint Martin Island of Bangladesh

This is really a different island of nature and different from other tourist attractions in Bangladesh. On one side of the coral reefs, surrounded by sandy beaches, waiting for you to count. The red crab and the knife stone of this beach will undoubtedly lead you to the land of beauty. As subconscious, you will pick up the seahorse fragments with the faint stones of different colors in the most attractive tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

Saint Martin's journey from Teknaf is not bad. Your two-hour journey will be passing in a moment by enjoying Gangchil and dolphins on the sea and these are an unexpected beautiful scene in Saint Martin island which is most attractive islands of Bangladesh. And in the blue waters of the sea, when the green islands will be visible to you, you’re all the tiredness will be gone in one look only. 

The more you come to the island, the more your interest increases. You would like to jump into the sea to the beach.

Saint Martin Island of Bangladesh

On the Saint Martin Island, you can understand why people are so talking about this tourist attraction in Bangladesh, why is it called Sunder Lilabhumi. There are so many tourist attractions in Bangladesh that St Martin is one of his ghostly and aesthetic. 

The island is about 8 kilometers in length and 700 meters in width and some 200 meters in width. About 10-15 kilometers of coral reefs are located in the west-north-west direction of St. Martins.

Saint Martin Island of Bangladesh

At the end of the Saint Martin Island, there is a continuous island, like a narrow tile, which is called the “Cheradip”. The water came during the tide and separated it from the main python and it has been named as Cheradip.
When the water was down at the time of the tide, it was again connected to the main island. Then you can go away on foot. 

There are no people living here. This part is completely overwhelming. Here, thousands of corals are scattered beneath the transparent waters. Playing the colors of the coral reefs. This scene really attracts tourists most.


Saint Martin's Island is known locally as Jazira. At one time this island was like a restroom. When the merchants of different countries, especially Arab merchants, used to rest on the island. Since then the name of this island is Jazira. But later it became known as coconut jinzira. Due to a large number of coconut trees, this island is called this name.

Saint Martin Island of Bangladesh

Lastly, the British named this island Saint Martin Island. However, the name of the island of Daruchini is also well-known and popular in literature.

How to go

One can be reached Saint Martin's Island in many ways. To go here, you need to go to Teknaf Shipyard. You have to book the ticket in the Teknaf shipyard. You have to go there by crossing some rough sea. The seas are cool during winter, so this time it is much safer to go here.

Saint Martin Island  of Bangladesh

In the tourist season, several sea-trucks along Keari Sindabad are available to go there. At 10 am the vessel left for Saint Martin and returned at 3 pm.

Where to stay

There are several hotel motels and cottages to stay in Saint Martin tourism center. There are several quality hotels including Bloomerin, leisure tourism. Cottages are also excellent. There is no electrical system in Saint Martin tourism center. Generators and solar power are the only ones. 

Saint Martin Island of Bangladesh

There is only one market in the shipyard of Saint Martin Island. There are many food hotels. Fresh fish fries here bring water to your taste. Another famous thing that you can find here is the dry fish. You can collect dry fishes from Saint Martin Island easily at cheap prices.

Here two types of tourists come to these places to visit. Some people came to these places to visit and go back on the same day. Some people spend the night. The chance of seeing those who go away on the same is very less. But for those who spend nights, there is a great opportunity for them to have the taste of Saint Martin full moon night.
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