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Himcori Island | Sea Beach of Bangladesh

Himcori Island,sea beach of bangladesh
Himcori Island

Himcori Island, Sea Beach of Bangladesh

There is an interesting tourist spot is just 12 kilometers south of Cox's Bazar Sea View and it is another most popular and attracting islands of Bangladesh. The name of the beach is Himchhari. The beach here is relatively solitary and cleaner than Cox's Bazar. Its beauty is not less than any part of it rather than other islands of Bangladesh. The most important thing is the charming and adventurous is the way to the beach from Cox’s Bazar .

In one word this is great, poetic, dreamlike, beautiful island of Bangladesh. On one side the vast ocean and the other side of the green hills. Marine drives pour pitch in the center. Such sea beach image may not be available on other top attractions in the world.

Someone came to Cox's Bazar but did not run through this route is an unfulfilled journey. From the hilltop, you will be lost on the green sea view. The mountainous frozen springs are quite interesting. Small springs are falling in own way towards the sea.

For those who like to be uproar, open jeep for those who love to cheer with friends, good for transport to Himchari. If you look at the two sides standing on the open jeep, it seems like you are going to land in the dream and it seems to you like flying bird. This could be the best experience in your life here in Himcori Island; one of the top tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

Himcori Island, sea beach of bangladesh

And those who want to take a quiet, gentle, family, or wife, are better rickshaws for them. You have to leave after sunrise. The route is going on between tourist attractions Caucasus shrimp hatchery. On the way, the girls in red color school dress will be seen here also. On the other side, there will be sea-side trees that are really amazing.

There is a small tourism center in Himchari. The ticket has to be booked down here. The atmosphere is quite beautiful. There are many restrooms on the mountain and those belong to Himchari tourism center. It has to climb up to 200 stairs. The pain will be forgotten in a moment when you can see the whole sea level of Cox's Bazar from a peak of a hill.

How to go

There are roads and airways to go directly from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar. The most modern buses on the road are now in the direct passage. Green Line, Sohag Transport, Silk Line and Neptune Paribahan Volvo AC Buses are located in Cox's Bazar. Rent 630 taka From Dhaka to Cox's Bazar.
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