Thursday, January 25, 2018

Parky Sea Beach of Bangladesh | Tourism

Parky Sea Beach, sea beach of bangladesh
Parky Sea Beach

Parky Sea Beach of Bangladesh,Tourism

In the local language "Purki Char" and "Purki Beach" or "Beach" in the tourism language who come these tourist places to visit. "Purki Beach" distance from tourist hotspot Chittagong city is about 25 km, it will take 1 hour to go, it is basically located at the mouth of the Karnafuli river, that is, on the west bank of the Karnafuli river Patenga sea. 

The beach is beautiful with its own sea beach images and east side of the Purki beach, on the banks of the coast, is a coastal sea beach in the district of Anwar thana of Chittagong district. 
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