Thursday, January 25, 2018

Laldia Forest | Tourist Attractions

Laldia Forest & Sea Beach, travel sights
Laldia Forest

Laldia Forest, Tourist Attractions

Laldia Forest & Sea Beach of Bangladesh is one of most tourist attractions of Bangladesh. Located on the south of Patharghata upazila of Barguna district. After crossing the forest for two hours to walk through the deer of the Sundarbans, these tourist attractions “Laldia” can be found. Biskhali river before this forest and Baleshwar river on the west.

The two rivers and the seas of the sea surround the forest. Sea beach adjacent to forests. The beach is quite small. Although small, but there is no part of beauty. Here the tourists will be seduced by the different types of birds and the roar of the sea, and come back again and again. 

Here the salt water of the sea has come in the sand. Gangchil flies and throws thousands of red climbing teams to Belabhumi. She's an aesthetic scene. Have a strong feeling that will pull you back again and again.

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