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Topkapi Museum History and Picture in Istanbul Turkey

Topkapi Museum,tourist places
Topkapi Museum

Topkapi Museum History and Picture, Turosko

Top point Museum of tourist history. Here are many spectacular materials those are really popular tourist attractions. This carries a number of aesthetic patterns during the Ottoman regime. 

It was once used as the home of the Ottoman Sultans, but it is the center of the administrative and educational expansion of Istanbul but now days this places turns into as most popular tourist attractions.

In addition to this, there is a holy memorial for Muslims. Just like Mohammed's cloak and sword. The Topkapi Palace truly reflects the magnificent glory of the Ottoman regime. Here are some of the monuments used by the Ottoman Sultans as yet. 

Topkapi Museum,tourist places

This museum is also used as the administrative and educational center of Istanbul. This royal palace is located in Istanbul's city of Istanbul. Muhammad Shahen Shaah II of the Ottoman Empire started the construction of the palace in the middle of the fifteenth century. For almost 400 years, it remains the home of the Ottoman Sultans. 

At present times, this place is one of main tourist attractions and this palace is now important tourist hotspots also. In 1985, UNESCO announced as a historic area and tourist hotpots also. Apart from this, there are mints, hospitals etc.

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