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Nijhum Dwip (Nijhum Island), Hatia | Islands of Bangladesh

Nijhum Dwip (Nijhum Island), Hatia, Bangladesh, tourist places
Nijhum Dwip 

Nijhum Dwip (Nijhum Island), Hatia, Islands of Bangladesh

In the ocean, the sun and thousands of birds fall in the heart, thousands of birds fall in silence. The narrow canal green from the sea coast has broken into the forest that charms tourists most. You cannot believe if you do not see the love poem of green and salt water. 

As if the green carpet was spread out to the bottom of the sea. Under the transparent water green hazards and fish play in their style; by the scene of beauty you will surely lost yourself.

Seeing this mind will shake into the water. It is such a moral nature and best tourist attractions of Bangladesh that gives urban working people a new taste of life.

Nijhum Dwip (Nijhum Island), Hatia, Bangladesh, tourist places

Nijhum Island is really an island of silence. Totally different from regular routine. There is no tourism gloss, color lamps, or any kind of mechanical vehicle that makes this place as most popular tourist destinations.

Nijhum - Really Safe, Silent. It is a different entity of nature. This is nowhere else. Meghna branch river on the north and west of the Bay of Bengal, and the south and east beach and sea shade of small green terrain Nijhum Island - is now an interesting tourist place to visit.

History of Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Island is a small Nijhum island located in the Hatia upazila of Noakhali district on the south of Bangladesh that is the major part of tourist attractions in Bangladesh. Although everyone referred to it as islands of Bangladesh, it is actually a pond located in the estuary of the sea. 

Nijhum Dwip, tourist places

Nirjhum Island's former name was Chor-Osman. Once a famous bathania named Osman first settled on Najhum Island with his buffalo bath. The island was named after him. Later, instrumentalist Amirul Islam Kalam named the name instead of Nijhum Island what is most charming islands of Bangladesh.

Nijhum Dwip, tourist places

How to go

Every day from Sadarghat some launches like Panorama and Tipu 5 leave for Hatia at 6 pm. Rent Deck 200, Single Cabin 700, Double Cabin 1200 and VIP 1600 Taka. If the launch is timely and if the weather is okay, the departure from Dhaka will reach Hatiya Launchghat within 10am the next day.
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