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Inani Beach (Cox’s Bazar) | Sea Beach of Bangladesh

Inani Beach (Cox’s Bazar), tourist attractions in Bangladesh
Inani Beach

Inani Beach (Cox’s Bazar), Sea Beach of Bangladesh

Another one of most tourist attractions of Bangladesh and the interesting beach is about 20 kilometers away from Cox's Bazar Sea View. The name of this beach is being taken out of Himchari. There are wide rocky beaches. Many coral stones have been deposited in the belt from the sea and come from the ocean those attract tourists most. 

The beach is found in the middle of the beach with beach martins. Inner on the beach, anyone can think of the sea beach image of St. Martin's thinking. The environment is nice and quiet to taste the silence that will force you in these places to visit again and again.

Inani Beach (Cox’s Bazar), tourist attractions in Bangladesh

Standing on the coral, the sighting of the ocean as well as travel sight is different from other tourist places. The waves of the sea collapsed on the coral and hit them at the foot and you will feel like the newly born baby. 

The sand level is seen in the bottom of the transparent water. If luck is good, you can get all kinds of the fish rush. Here, thousands of red crab runs on the sand of the beach which is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Bangladesh.

The Inani Beach is just as beautiful and attractive as the adventure journey from tourist place Cox's Bazar. Marine driving on the one hand and on the other hand the sea and hills, for these you will feel like totally different. 

There is no question of getting bored. If luck is good, the joy will be double on your way of the journey for film-shooting. Here you can see many national actor and international actor-actress.

Inani Beach (Cox’s Bazar), tourist attractions in Bangladesh

For those who love the up roaring with friends, open roof jeep is the best to Inani for them to enjoy one of most charming and beautiful sea beach in Chittagong. 

If you look at both side from the open jeep, it will be as if you are going to land in the dream by observing numerous sea beach image. This could be the best experience in your life if you come to these places to visit.

On the way, the girls in red color school dress will be seen. On the other side, there will be sea-side trees. Then the highway of Himchari will start after crossing a high bridge. You will be thrilled to hear different types of birds that will be your one of most memorable tourist places. 

This road is made by army forces of Bangladesh. A camp of the army must be crossed by the way.

In the hills along with a variety of bushes, along with the shore of the sea, most interesting and marvelous tourist attractions in Bangladesh, the rows of jhaw trees are seen. 

Inani Beach (Cox’s Bazar), tourist attractions in Bangladesh

Sometimes the coconut adds a different dimension to the beauty of the tree standing on one leg. In the place, you will see many small mountainous waterfalls those are part of most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Inani beach must be calculated according to the tide. Because of the tide, these coral stones of the beach will not be seen. So go at the time of the tide. It's good to go in the morning, there will be less chance of being left out of the opportunity and will be able to come back in the afternoon.

How to go Inani Beach

The tourist hotspots Inani beach and Himchari beach are used to visit the same tour. Many more time and expenses will be reduced. You can go out in the morning and leave from two places in the afternoon. 

If you go to Cox's Bazar Kalatoli beach by local jeep, you will have to pay 180-200 taka. And reserve jeep costs 1800-2500 taka. In one jeep, 10-15 people can travel around the corner.
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