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Bangabandhu Novo Theater

Bangabandhu Novo Theater picture
Bangabandhu Novo Theater

Bangabandhu Novo Theater. Its old name is Bhasani Novo Theater. The Ministry of Science, Information and Communication Technology of the Government of Bangladesh has built the only Planetarium Novo Theater in the country at a cost of Tk 123 crore. High quality equipment from Japan, United States, South Korea and India has been brought here for the exhibition.

The main objective of Bangabandhu Novo Theater is to give ideas about space science, eradicate superstitions and superstitions and inspire them in science education. Although the theater building looks like 5 stores, it has 3 floors. The theater with its first floor and second floor. The theater has a total seating capacity of 200 spectators.

The hemispherical room of this novo theatre has mesmerizing perforated aluminum curtains, and if you look at such a screen, the roof of the whole hall looks like part of a movie. There is also GSS Helias projector.

It creates various special effects. There is the Astrovision 60 projector, which makes the viewer's senses much more alert while looking at the planets and stars in the film. Also the whole scene feels alive when you sit down to watch a movie with this huge quality projector with huge aluminum screen. So this exhibition of Novo theater became a lifelong memory.

Bangabandhu Novo Theater Exhibition Topics:

Two films are regularly screened at the Novo theater. One is the space show 'Journey to Infinity', the other is the Bangladesh documentary 'This is our Bangladesh'. The 'Journey to Infinity' show features a variety of space documentaries. This is the American documentary filmmaker. Created by Bill Goose. The documentary takes viewers from planet to planet, the Milky Way, and the galaxy in the perfect light of the high-powered projector here. It doesn't feel like you're watching a movie. Rather, it would seem that you too are floating in this vast space. It would seem that you are somehow related to the creation of the solar system through the mysterious Big Bang or the Big Bang.

indoor of Bangabandhu Novo Theater
Solar System

Largely and clearly you will see in this film: lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, meteor shower; Night skies at different times of the year in different countries; The position and orbit of distant past, present and distant future planets and stars; The surface of the Earth and other planets and satellites; The internal interactions of the sun, the outer skin of the constellations; The death of the star and the disappearance of some of them in the omnipresent black hole, and above all the Big Bang.

In addition to watching, the simulation effect will create in the minds of the viewers the indescribable feeling of being physically present at the scene.

Capsule Ride Simulator: This is a roller coaster where you can travel through the ancient pyramids and experience the feeling of traveling to Egypt. 30 seats in capsule ride simulator.

Scientific Exhibitions: There are various scientific subjects on display in this novotheater. Most of it is about planets, stars and galaxies. E.g., ‘Models of the planets in the solar system’, celestial imagery; Various things including models of sun, earth and moon.

indoor of Bangabandhu Novo Theater

There is a touchscreen computer for information on various subjects, in which various scientific information can be found at the touch of a finger.

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