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Top 5: The most spectacular and amazing tourist attractions in France

amazing tourist attractions in France

Although France is famous for its alcohol and cheese, this country is one of the largest destinations in the world of most popular tourist attractions. 

Over the year, more than 82 million visitors visit the country's various sights and tourist attractions. Tourists from Paris, Tuolaus, Lyon, Bardo and many other cities have a huge interest in tourism and as well as these tourist attractions. 

The number of World Heritage sites whose are really famous tourist attractions in the country is 39! In addition to the ease of France's climate, excellent beaches, ancient castles, historic museums, garden etc. The first choice of tourists around the world is France. So let's see, about five most interesting tourist attractions in France:

5. French Reviera / Côte d'Azur: 

French Riviera / Côte d'Azur is at the 5th position in the list of the most spectacular and interesting places and tourist attractions in France. It's the most attractive coastal region in France, whose synonyms may be - "Glamor". Coat d'Azur means "coast of blue" because of the dark blue color of the Mediterranean Sea. But in French, it is called French Riviera. 

amazing tourist attractions in France
French Riviera

It stretches from St. Tropez to Menton on the border of Italy. In the summer it became the beach venue of the beach After the sight of ships and yachts, many wealthy people Here's the famous "Cannes" Celebrity Film Festival and Hotel.

4. Versailles: 

Versalle is the fourth place in the list of tourist attractions, which is a small village in France. And this Versallle Village is famous for its large and stunning tourist attraction palace (Chaitau, Palace of Versaille). This tourist attraction is one of the greatest beauty patterns in the French industry. Versailles was often the headlines for the Queen Mary during the French Revolution.

amazing tourist attractions in France

The original residence of Versailles was only used as a hunting lawn for thirteen Louis and her family, but later it was decorated in a variety of ways and made in an immense royal building. The royal palace is known for its beautiful garden and "Hall of Mirror" that attracts tourist most. 

Tourists in France are usually visited by tourists of this one of best famous tourist attractions and the royal palace. However, this city has become a surprise to tourists in its own life as tourist attractions.

3. Mont Saint-Michel: 

Mont Saint-Michel is in the 3rd place in the list of the most spectacular and interesting and tourist attractions in France. Monte Saint-Mitchell, rising from the sea, is such a strange fantasy. The location of these tourist attractions is a small island near another tourist attraction the Normandy coast of France, which is affected by the highest tidal flow in Europe. 

amazing tourist attractions in France
Mont Saint-Michel

The medieval fortress turned its head into one of France's most important tourist attractions, transforming it into a church. There are also various shops, restaurants, and small hotels. UNICCO was named Mont Saint-Mitchell in 1979 as a World Heritage Site. About 300,000,000 visitors visit this church the special tourist attractions every year.

2. Louvre Museum: 

The Louvre Museum, one of the world's most famous and luxurious LuVre Museum, is located in Paris, the capital of France. The construction of this museum in France ended in 1200, although its construction began 200 years ago. However, the Golden Age of Louvre is called the reign of Emperor Napoleon II. 

amazing tourist attractions in France
Louvre Museum

Under his leadership, the dominance of France extends throughout Europe and the museum collections dramatically increase. He preserves the precious goods and artifacts looted from the conquered countries. But after the fall of Napoleon, these concrete nations and artifacts of these precious things were rediscovered. In 1848, the Louvre Museum became the official property of France. 

At present there are numerous artifacts in Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Eastern art galleries in different galleries including 6 administrative divisions. There are many famous artists and sculptor art and sculptures in this museum. Da Vinci's world-renowned artwork 'Monalisa' is also preserved in this loveliness.

1. Eiffel Tower: 

When it comes to talking about the spectacular story of France, the pictures of the Eiffel Tower are floated in front of our eyes as one of the best popular tourist attractions. So what Yes, the first landmark on our list is France's landmark. It's location in Paris city. Its creator Gustavo Eiffel built it as an arcade in 1889 at the entrance of the Paris International Exhibition. 

amazing tourist attractions in France
Eiffel Tower

It is 324 meters (1,063 feet) in length. The Eiffel Tower was made with 18,038 pieces of iron pieces made of different shapes and sizes what is really amazing to the tourists. There are three levels in the iron-built Eiffel Tower for visitors to visit and these are usually considered as one of best tourist attractions of the world and as well as in Paris. 

However, the third floor is the most popular for watching the city of Paris from the center place of this tourist attraction. On average, around 25,000 visitors visit the tourist attraction Eiffel Tower every day.

Some other tourist attractions in France are Shato de Vincennes, Shimoni, Champ-Elsie, Notre Dame, Saint-Claude, Chevres, Lychee Chessne, Garcés, Disneyland, Arc de Triomauf, Musée d'Orsure etc.

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