Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts and Culture

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Metropolitan Museum

Metropolitan Museum arts and culture, USA

Metropolitan museum is located in Ostern Hemesfire, New York, USA. The museum was established in 1870. Here tourists will find a tremendous combination of modernity and tradition; these are part of most popular tourist destinations. Because there are more than 20 million spectacular objects in modern museums and in ancient times. 

Million of spectacular objects made these places as tourist hotspots. Here tourist will also find various images of Islamic civilization as a part of Islamic tourist hotspots, and many more will be found in European history

The history-based weapons and all the fascination of the armor will make tourist think about the history of the world. That's why the Metropolitan Museum has got a world-famous fame and tourist attractions as well. 

places to visit Metropolitan Museum

This museum has not only highlighted the history of certain ethnic groups, but tourist can see here a brief historical form of the whole world what increases tourist attractions. This museum is famous for the famous German painter Albert Durr's carved image of Adam and Eve that also increases tourist attractions. 

There are a variety of arts, such as Asia, Greek, European, Egyptian, Isramic and collection of museums; these made this museum as most popular tourist destinations. Beautiful fountains, stairs and tall windows - together with the palace can be compared to the museum and tourist attractions also.
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