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Top 5 New York Tourist Spots History | NYC Tourism Attractions

1. The Statue of Liberty, Tourist Spot, Liberty Island, New York

The statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in new York town, within the US. This was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste bartholdi and designed by French civil engineer and architect Gustavo Eiffel.  The statue of Liberty is a gift from the people of France to the people of the US.

A robed lady representing Liberates who was a Roman liberty goddess. within the statue of Liberty, she holds a torch over her head in her right hand. And in her left, she carries a tabula ansata describing roman date “July IV MDCCLXXVI” (July 4, 1776). it's the US Independence declaration. Beside a broken chain lies at her feet. It's the icon of freedom of the US and also the statue of Liberty is a welcome sight to foreigners who come to visit.
The Statue of Liberty, Tourist Spot, Liberty Island, New York
The statue of Liberty

Beautiful Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the beauty of time which is as old as creation. The lady on the statue values which one can’t put a price on it. She holds the torch of faith on her right hand which enlightens the darkness of war. 
The Statue of Liberty, Tourist Spot, Liberty Island, New York
The Statue of Liberty

Her strength says about true friendship. She stands by herself in the faith of the time. Her crown is as much as important as the torch on her hand.

Here are some interesting facts about The Statue of Liberty:

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States to celebrate the centennial of American independence.

The statue was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who also designed the Eiffel Tower.

It was shipped to the United States in crates and assembled on a pedestal on what is now Liberty Island in New York Harbor.

The statue stands 305 feet tall from the ground to the tip of its torch and weighs 225 tons.

Lady Liberty's official name is "Liberty Enlightening the World."

The statue's copper exterior has turned green over time due to natural weathering and oxidation.

The seven rays on the statue's crown represent the seven continents and seven seas.

The statue has a tablet in her left hand that reads "July IV MDCCLXXVI" (July 4, 1776), the date of American independence.

The torch in Lady Liberty's right hand represents enlightenment and the path to freedom.

The statue was closed for renovations after being damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 but reopened to the public in 2013.

2. Empire State Building, Tourist Spot, New York

Empire State Building, Tourist Spot, New York
Empire State Building

The empire state Building member of "World Federation of nice Towers" is one in all the foremost celebrated skyscrapers within the world, inbuilt simply eighteen months throughout the good Depression, it had been the world's tallest building in 1931–1972 (also world's tallest structure until 1954 and free-standing one until 1967).
Empire State Building, Tourist Spot, New York
Empire State Building

It's original value, as well as the worth of land, was $40,948,000, a awfully low figure for a building of this size even at that point. The building itself value solely $24,718,000.The empire state Building was designed on the previous web site of the Waldorf-Astoria edifice.

The form of the empire state Building was impressed by its developer, John Jakob Raskob, who is alleged to possess force a pencil from his drawer, command it up to his creator (William Lamb), and asked "Bill, however tall are you able to create it so it will not fall down?" The structure at the highest of the empire state Building was originally meant to be a dock for mooring airships. However, when many futile tries at mooring a zeppelin within the sturdy winds present at 1250 feet, the concept was scrapped.
Empire State Building, Tourist Spot, New York
Empire State Building

On a saturday, July 1945, a B-25 bomber crashed into empire state Building's 79th floor, that housed the Catholic War Relief Services. solely fourteen folks died and also the empire state Building reopened a pair of days later.
Empire State Building, Tourist Spot, New York
Empire State Building
The top of the empire state Building is lit up at midnight in numerous colours to celebrate numerous holidays. For a long time when Sept. 11, 2001, it had been incessantly lit red, white, and blue.The height of the antenna has been diminished from 448.7 meters (1472 feet) to 443.2 meters (1454 feet).

3. Central Park: Tourist Spot, New York

Tourist Spots and Attractions of Central Park New York
Central Park New York
Central Park is one in every of those places that create the New York such a good place to measure. One of famous tourist places in the city of New York. The large park, 341 square measure massive (843 acres), is found within the center of Manhattan where thousands of tourists go those places to visit. Its style has served as an example for town parks round the world.

Central Park NYC: History in Short Conception of Central Park

When the piece of land for commons was bought by town of new York in 1853, it had been far from civilization, somewhere between town of new York and also the village Harlem. The world contained sheds from colonists, quarries, pig farms and swamps.

In 1857, town of New York organized a contest for the planning of this new park, that had to rival with the nice parks in tourist hotspots London and Paris. A style by Frederic Law landscaper and landscaper, named 'the sward Plan' was chosen.

Creation of Central Park

To convert the marshy tourist spot into the park the designers had designed, to increase the purify of natural environment many hundred thousand trees were planted, quite three million isometric yards of soil was affected, roads and bridges were made and an outsized reservoir was mamma out. It took quite fifteen years before the 20,000 employees had completed the park. commons straightaway became a preferred place for all New Yorkers, attracting numerous guests annually.

From Relaxation to Recreation

Frederic Law Olmstead's goal was to make an area wherever folks might relax and meditate. He saw the park as a sort of social experiment wherever people from each higher and lower categories would meet, a rather revolutionary plan at that point.

Tourist Spots and Attractions of Central Park New York
Central Park New York
After the appointment of Robert Moses in 1934 as ny town Parks Commissioner, the main target of the park shifted from relaxation to recreation. During Moses's twenty six year tenure he made several sports facilities, playgrounds and also the Wollman building. He conjointly restored the zoological garden, and put in many sculptures as well as 'Alice in Wonderland '.

Decline and renovation

The tide began to flip in 1980 once a bunch of voters created the green Conservancy. Alongside the town, it started a fifty million dollar renovation project. Many components of the park, together with Sheep hayfield and Bethesda Terrace were rehabilitated. 3 workers were employed to get rid of the graffiti - it took them 3 years to finish this task. guilt was reduced with the preparation of an outsized law.

Thanks to these efforts by each the town and personal teams, green is currently a comparatively clean and safe place, visited by over thirty million people annually.
Tourist Spots and Attractions of Central Park New York
Central Park New York
Tourist Spots and Attractions of Central Park New York
Central Park Zoo
    Bethesda Terrace
    Sheep Meadow and Great Lawn
    Metropolitan Museum and Cleopatra’s Needle
    Strawberry Fields
    Bow Bridge and Ramble
    Belvedere Castle
    Shakespeare Garden
    Conservatory Garden
    Charles A. Dana Discovery Center 

  4. Rockefeller Center, Tourist Spot, New York

    Rockefeller Center is one in all the foremost standard attractions in NYC. rockefellerJohn Davison John Davison Center NYC could be a complicated of nineteen buildings placed in Midtown Manhattan, new York town. 
Rockefeller Center, Tourist Spot, New York
Rockefeller Center
    It's named for John D. Rockefeller, Jr., the son of philanthropic oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller. Occupying an astounding 8,000,000 sq. feet (22 acres) between forty eighth and 51st Streets, rockefeller|John Davison Rockefeller Center New York is home to the GE Building (formerly the RCA Building; typically referred to as "30 Rock" on account of its address at thirty Rockefeller Plaza), One rockefeller Plaza (formerly the Time-Life Building), and Radio town Music Hall (located at 1260 Avenue of the Americas).
Rockefeller Center, Tourist Spot, New York

     Rockefeller Center got its begin in 1928, once John D. Rockefeller, Jr., hired the area from Columbia University. whereas he had originally planned to create the complicated with the assistance of the Metropolitan, industrialist was forced to finance the project himself when the stock exchange crash of 1929. At the time of construction, the complicated was the most important non-public building project of contemporary times. Construction began on might seventeen, 1930 and complete on november 1, 1933.
Rockefeller Center, Tourist Spot, New York

   Other Architectural sides

Lower Plaza
Rockefeller Plaza
Rooftop gardens
Underground Concourse4
Pre-existing buildings

5. Times Square, Tourist Spot, New York

    Times Square, square in Midtown Manhattan, ny town, fashioned by the intersection of Seventh Avenue, forty second Street, and Broadway. Times Square is additionally the centre of the Theatre District, that is finite roughly by Sixth and Eighth avenues to the east and west, severally, and by fortieth and 53rd streets to the south and north, severally.
Times Square, Tourist Spot, New York
Times Square
    Today {Times Square Times Square city district} could be a perpetually noisy tourist magnet; the square is even one in every of the foremost visited places within the world. Times Square, the foremost active sq. of latest royal line is thought for its several Broadway theatres, cinemas and electronic billboards. It’s one in every of those places that build ny a town that never sleeps.

    By the tip of the nineteenth century, ny town had swollen up to forty second street and therefore the space was changing into the middle of the city's social scene. In 1904, the ny Times engineered the days Tower on forty third street simply off Broadway to switch its downtown premises. The square ahead of the building was known as Longacre square, however was presently renamed Times Square. The name is currently used for the realm between fortieth and 53rd street and sixth and Ninth Avenue.

Some Attractions of Time Square

Theater District and Billboards
Paramount Building and Visitors Center
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